Guidelines on how to use Booklify

To upload a book

- Click on "My Books" option on your dashboard

- Click on "Uploaded books" here option at the top right of the page

- Click on "Add book" here option

- Input the necessary information about the book(s) you wish to upload

- Then click on "Add book" below the form to upload

To fund user wallet

- Click "Wallet" on your dashboard

- Click on the option "Fund Wallet"

- Select your preferred payment amount suitable to you

- Click on "purchase"

- And follow the procedure to enter your email address and card details.

You can also fund your Wallet by bank deposit or bank transfer in Nigeria to


Then send us an email at with your payment description and name of depositor.
- Click "Wallet" on your dashboard

- Click on the option "Fund Wallet"

- Click on " Transfer Fund"

- Enter the username of the user you want to transfer funds to and the amount

- Select "Transfer Fund" below the form to make transfer.

Booklify creates an avenue where users can also download books. However, while some are free to download, others can only be bought by funding your user wallet

To download a book

- On your account page, click on "Books"

- Select from the categories of books available

- Click on the book you wish to download

- Then you will be referred to a book profile page where you can download the book

Note: Books can only be downloaded to and read on the Booklify mobile application.

- Click on "My Quote" on your "dashboard"

- Click on the "Add quote here" option

- Enter the required information

- Click on "Add"

- Click on "Edit Profile" option on your dashboard

- Enter the required information

- Click on "update now" to complete your update