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Geoffrey the Lollard

by Frances Eastwood
My chief authority for the facts which are interwoven with the fiction of this story is Fox, among whose horrors many curious and interesting accounts of the peculiar doctrines of the so-called Lollards may be found. Their views on the Sacraments and some other points did not entirely agree with those of the great Reformers, but their purity of life, their love for the Bible and devotion to the cause of religious liberty, will entitle this spiritual awakening to be called the dawn of the Reformation. Its political aspect--though a very important one--I have avoided entering upon in this volume, and therefore the trial of Cobham and his companions has been very imperfectly described, but the full account of it which Fox gives will be found to be very interesting in an historical as well as religious point of view.


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Geoffrey the Lollard
Frances Eastwood
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