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Ripples From The King's Court

by Mosobalaje M. Abimbo
A poet is necessarily, by design, a craftsman. His trade is to create new realities and forms through language. Language, in itself, is raw, and will require a process. It is how that process is utilized that distinguishes one poet from another. Like a craftsman, the poet creates something tangible, something distinct, and, sometimes, something deliberately indescribable. Such a craft can be impressionist, exploring metaphorical symbolism; expressionist, where the poet recreates reality and presents the reader with another perspective; or eclectic, where the poet becomes a god and creates as he wills. It is a delightful rarity to see a poet consciously infuses multiple perspectives in his invention. More appealing is when such invention is executed with mastery and control. This is the impression I had when I first read . And I had to read it again.

-Funsho Oris


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Ripples From The King's Court
Mosobalaje M. Abimbo
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