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YES, Africa Can

by Timi Olagunju
Yes, Africa Can is a book written to primarily embolden young Africans to rise to proactive servant leadership and social entrepreneurship as a tool for a sustainable African future. This book challenges the readers to go beyond the threshold of being onlookers, to implementing African interventions. The author, Timi Olagunju, felt that there has been too many books that have addressed leadership from the 'traditional' and theoretical perspective of a woman or a man leading others. So in this book, he took a slight detour. He neither delved into leadership theories nor its models. The book shifts the focus from the positional acknowledgement of the leader to drawing lessons from personal examples of young people (with little or no title or position) who have taken up the odds to distinguish themselves as leaders in their respective fields and communities, and have been so acknowledged as leaders, thereby qualifying them as participants of the Mandela Washington Fellowship.
This book propels the reader to look further inwards. It also addressed some cardinal issues involving the Mandela Washington Fellowship application and interview process.


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YES, Africa Can
Timi Olagunju
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