About Us

About Booklify

What is Booklify?

Booklify helps unpublished authors build readership for their stories from the first paragraph. We are a platform devoted to creating a global community of book lovers by encouraging our users to discuss and share their favourite books with their friends. Our mission is to change the way books are written, read and shared. With booklify you have fun and interesting ways to read and share books. Interact with writers, meet new friends and see the world in a way like never before. 

With Booklify you can

Publish or self-publish your books with us and gain access to a wide network of readers. Find your favorite books from our ever increasing stock of books in any category. Let us tell the world about your books and you too. Get more sales from your books. Share your favorite books with your friends and those that it really matters to. Meet new people and get book recommendations from your friends.

How did we start?

Sometime in early 2016, I was searching for a book to read and a friend I had recently met (Rukewe Arhwin) suggested Peter Theil’s “Zero to One” since he understood my interests. It dawned on me that the books that will turn out to be my favourite books can only be recommended to me by my friends. At that point, the booklify dream was born – To make finding and sharing your favourite books easy and fun. Our team has been working ever since to achieve this dream. We believe in creating a platform to allow people connect and find books that matter the most to them. Booklify is about finding, reading interesting books and sharing your thoughts.

Nathaniel Okwoli
Founder, Booklify.